Africa is in deep crises, since the independence period the African states have been struggling with various crises leading to social and economic instability. Despite all the effort and methods developed so far to alleviate the level of suffering, the situation seems to be out of control of Africans themselves. If the question is why? The answer is simply because Africans have not yet tried the African solution.

First of all, we have been trying different solutions according to our tribes, languages, nationalities and territories, based on our microscopic contextualisation of the predicament of Africa. Sometimes, our individual solutions were based on the selfish idea of seeing ourselves developing better than other African countries, but the reality of our people at grassroots level remains alarming. The reason is, there is no Nigerian solution, or Ghanaian, South African, Congolese solution, but there is only the African solution.

Essentially, if we are still looking for individual solutions based on our individual countries it is because we have not yet properly analysed the root of our various problems. Also, because we have been indoctrinated to fall in love with the drawing on the African map that have created the concepts of us versus them in our minds.

In reality, the territorial limitations we have today is the creation, not of Africans but of Europeans imperialist in Berlin conference 1884-1885. The outcome of that conference in which not a single African attended was the new face of Africa that we have embraced, which has created many divisions amongst us.

In fact, the Europeans divided Africa for two reasons, one was to dominate and another was to exploit. Firstly, you cannot rule a people that is united until you create division and set one part against another, so that you can come as the one who brings peace and development. Secondly, when you have succeeded with your agenda to dominate a people, you will easily exploit them and their resources, and that has been the result of our countries they are only serving European interest.

Clearly, if our countries or borders that we are protecting and defending were created only for European interest, it means that every time we defend these borders we are actually serving the European’s interest. Every problem in life is solved through the process of questions and answer, the first question to Africans regarding our borders is, what did we produce so far of great impact within our individual countries, divisions and borders? The answer is, not more than tribalism, afrophobia and conflicts.

Therefore, it is time for us to look for the African solution instead of individual solutions that have not impact on our predicament, but only serve the interest of Europeans. The African solution will have more impact on our challenges, because it will start by addressing the core of our difficulties. Africa is at the time of danger and opportunity, our survival as a people depends on decision that we make today about the direction in which we take ourselves. One thing we shall never do is to pass on to our children the same European heritage of division and exclusion amongst ourselves.

Take part to this great movement (ACUP) and let us build our common destiny.

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    • Africa Must Unite. The AfCFTA is going to break down the trade barriers and the Afrieximbank platform just launched will make trade transactions easier. But the only thing that will Unite us is one currency. Gaddafi tried to finance it and was killed. Still Kwame Nkrumah wrote, The Struggle Continues.

    • A well welcome and brilliant ideological offshoot. I think that for this noble course to be achieved WE must first and foremost purge our minds from mental slavery and colonialism. Thanks.

  1. Thanks for enlightening us. Something need to be done urgently concerning the euro/american/chino nudged endemic corruption in our countries

      • Am sort of words ….this is what every African has been waiting for all this years …am in Ghana and has been in touch with friends across all the States in Africa and I have realise every youth is crying for unity…. I myself has join a lot of pan African movements. Now if we can win then we have to win together so I suggest all the units of pan African movements must unite and form a strong body ……action straight up …..let’s work to bring all this movements as ACUP, then we can develop tap root to fight ….the battle is not gun and bombs but mental battle ….they planted religions and education that I call it to be toothless bulldogs into our mind and it takes strong force to liberate that. …..fighting the battle of our people and the battle to the western world …..some of our people has their minds corrupted and they are now sellouts

          • Hi, I am Husseni new here

            I’m pro African, pan African as well from Burundi.

            I would love to see how we as African we are going to be organized and who are ours authorities? As we as How we are going to attack these leaders. Because the problem of Africa it is our leaderships. Our leaders are being shown their personally interests not citizens interest….


      • Thank you for allowing me to make the following short comment. The history suggest that vthe enemies of African people bare real, and Africans need to find real tools in order to solve our issues.
        Our job now is to open the tool box , select the appropriate tools and use them….with the initial aim of building an economic power base covering all member countries or Regions.

  2. I strongly support the initiative of finding the African Solution(s)that is unique to African Problem(s).

    Yes we did not inherit many of our problems but they were rather inflicted by this imperialists and their tactics. It is time we go back to the roots and find the core of our difficulties as you put it.Indeed it starts with a series of questions and answers in order to arrive at a starting point of mapping the African Solution.

  3. Great words written to establish the fact that we already know the reasons and solutions outside of the demonically adverse nature and mindsets of our African leaders in general.
    Can we solve the issues by expecting better results from them or must we accept the necessity that we must remove them and find those who are not bent on greed and prejudice?
    Do we understand how to cultivate a nee pro African mindset to bring forth better public servants or will we still rely on the failed European strategies and ‘education’?
    It is a very deep rabbit hole that demands much more than we propose at this point. We cannot build our nation by first creating economic success. We have to begin by first building the minds of the people.
    Our problem is layered and the first layer will only be unraveled by removing cultivated curses, starting from the perspective of religion which even embodies the notion of medicine and other trick sciences handed to us to induce confounded speech or vision/BaaBaa
    We have to start at mindset cultivation/Social Engineering. We have to start by milking knowledge that is hidden in each other today. We have the wisdom in ourselves. We need to centralize our intelligence but remember that CONSPIRACY IS THE MODUS OPERANDI OF OUR NATURAL UNIVERSE.
    The white man did not hint to his passes and neither did China. So they scored and we trust them, confide in them and ‘self distrust’…

  4. And we must be ready to start our own screat organisations to preserve and executes our mission behind the scene ,whites have them and they help them so much

    And we must find our economic ideology ,spiritual ideology and cleaning our education system.
    White wish us not all good and i don’t trust them for the system to teach us and our children valuable education .

  5. Wow this is a worth standing for initiative I can see the fruits making every corner of Africa smile again. Really something like this is needed in Africa and bearing in mind that our solutions lies within us(Afticans). I like this

  6. Estamos juntos.
    Está guerra pode não ter um fim nesta ou na próxima geração. Mas com certeza essa será a geração que decidiu mudar o destino da África. Portanto, é essa a oportunidade que temos de nos unirmos como um e único povo ou continuaremos assistindo o Ocidente tomando decisões sobre o nosso destino, sobre um olhar impávido dos nossos dirigentes, assistindo a todos os episódios vividos pelos nossos irmãos por todo canto da nossa vasta e RICA terra. Sendo vítimas dos planos alheios, indefesos e deixados a sua sorte. Tudo isso que esperamos que o Ocidente decida por nós.
    Basta: sermos usados como objectos de guerra que enriquece a indivíduos estranhos aos interesses africanos;
    Basta: continuarmos a assistir o nosso irmão, na Somália, Sudão, etc, sendo usados para oprimir o resto dos Povos Africanos;
    Basta: colonização mental e negação das nossas culturas, hábitos e costumes em detrimento do Ocidental.

    África Unida. Ou agora, ou nunca!

  7. African universities to create institutes to acknowledge or celebrate the achievements of Africans not only in politics but across diverse domains like medicine, mathematics, literature, engineering, sports, agriculture, architecture, military, journalism, science and technological innovations,

  8. Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo will seal his name and country as one of Africa’s liberators if he goes ahead with his proposal to stop exporting cocoa beans in other to promote industrial development for Ghana. This bold step maybe the step of a thousand miles for Africa.

  9. We can together rebuild Africa if we find African solutions to African Problems. There won’t be any meaningful growth in Africa if we continue to remain sitting on the fence and in our comfort zones.

    • I love what i read here and I do love the ideology that was outlined but we mustn’t forget that African dyaspora we mustn’t forget those Africans who was stolen away because they are the uniting force that will bring Africa together once Africa get to the point where it Blurs the borders and works in unity as one Africa and it’s diaspora is Incorporated Africa will be great again we will have control over all of our resources we will fix the contract terms to benefit Africa not anyone else we will stop selling our raw materials and start manufacturing the goods that other continents need and selling them. there is so much that can be done and the time is now now many diaßpora have returned home and there is more to come we need to work in tandem in terms of blurring the lines that Divide Us and tightening and bringing together the whole African family

  10. This is true a united bundles can not be Brocken, united Africa can not be separated by anybody. African problems shall be solved by Africans and not by foreigners.
    Brothers and sisters Africa we are in danger, we have to take u turn, back to our biginning, and start making a new formula for bringing our heads together for the betterment of our generation.

    • A most welcome idea. We must rekindle our lost glory and dignity. Africans are the Adams and Eves of the human race.

  11. It’s a vital discussion and a meetpoint to talk about Africa and the best way forward.

    I believe Africa will never move forward if we listen and keep blaming European or whoever contributed in our disunity and conflict in Africa.

    Let see different ways of making Africa propelling and bring about best mechanism to develop our continent I

    • The thing is the are issues we (Africans) don’t want to talk about and to address because we protect what we are groomed to become by our people. ENVY, being selfishness and the thinking that we better than others is the root of division in African continent. South Africa is one of the countries protecting and looking forward to strengthen their borders because they are made to believe that they are better than other Africans by their selfish leaders who are using them to exploit their country and cetizens just like western capitalists.

  12. The Africa solution is going through the root. The white people has killed,used us for a longtime and I hope now is the right time for the sun to rise in Africa.

  13. The black Christ of the Holy Bible taught me that I must love my neighbor, forgive my brother and what you don’t like for yourself you don’t do to others. We must trust and obey these teachings if we are truly going to move forward. By— Anthony “Marsman” Brown

  14. I have just published a book titled”Who Am I, Black’s Awakening”. Unless we know who we are, we shall not find solution to African problem. Everything is is within us, but not outerior. Who we are is a gift from God, but a talent. So long as we don’t know who we are individually, we will continues fighting each other. Google my book”Who Am I” with Amazon by Patson Phala.
    Lastly, I want our initiative to be financed by African investor from Africa to build our own industrial and innovative hubs and universities. Want to meet leaders and brains behind the formation of the initiative and see how it can sustain itself.

  15. I am grateful inspired if other African people, our leaders and academia understand the important of united Africa.
    How do we integrates domestic trades and market economy access amongst African nations?
    How African nations can access international or global market economy with strong bargaining and collective negotiations power?
    It’s our collective responsibility to ensure peace, security and stability across African nations whether they are democratic, monarchy, or military rule. There must be peace immediately in Africa continent.

    There’s an urgent need to develop united African currency to be back up by gold and other precious natural resources. This will put African nations at better competition to benefits from trade.
    “Unity is our collective strength to face opportunities and challenges”
    Yours sincerely,
    Chol Abuol Chol

  16. It is time that we Africans start looking inwards and work hand-in-hand so that we can free ourselves from the saddening dependency we have lived with. We really need to ask ourselves as for how long this mentality will keep on going? The other side is enjoying the friction among Africans which has kept revealing itself in the form of Military cud-eta, ethnic conflicts that is taking us back. Therefore, it is not long overdue to embark on the African solution by limiting westerners meddling in our affairs which is becoming the prime cause of the chaotic Africa and the world at large.

  17. Governments and religions are the fundermental elements for Africa’s corrosion time after time, and all these were brought about by colonialists. To me we just need to put down all these and set Africa with our own strategies…. I’ve loved the ideology.

  18. I’m waiting to see what we can do tomorrow and I have been looking for this change in whole Africa to realize the movement of people who have been suffering their lives

  19. If we became anything else better than tribalism, afrophobia and conflicts, Africa shall rise higher than other continents again. Julius Malema of South Africa, Prof. Patrick Lumumba of Kenya among other Africanists inspire me to dream and envision a United Africa, at least in our lifetime.

    Tsebeni Ivan from Uganda

  20. The thing is the are issues we (Africans) don’t want to talk about and to address because we protect what we are groomed to become by our people. ENVY, selfishness and the thinking that we better than others is the root of division in African continent. South Africa is one of the countries protecting and looking forward to strengthen their borders because they are made to believe that they are better than other Africans by their selfish leaders who are using them to exploit their country and cetizens just like western capitalists.

  21. Africa must wake up and grow again, I am in full support, I love Africans and proud to be African. Let’s move with love, one mind, one heart without boundaries to move Africa. 🤝

  22. This is the spirit,
    Africa will never become the dream of our founding fathers except the present generation agreed to perpetually pursue the Africa dream of emancipation into world power.

    African continent has everything requires of her to emerge as world power except the political will from the incumbent leaders, hence the need for redress in the mental psyche of the contemporaries

  23. África, we need unit because this is what we have been waiting. United Will bem more powerfull we become

  24. All we need is,how do we us the young to influence the people get save by the current political Powers since they have the word at a do now

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