What is the value of our shepherds?

To educate the African child of tomorrow, it is often necessary to teach him/her the value of other peoples.

A British lieutenant general, Sir Fredrick Stanley Maude, was commissioned to conquer Baghdad in 1917. On his arrival in Iraq, he encountered a shepherd and his flock in a field, he asked his translator to offer a shilling to the shepherd and ask him to kill his dog…

It should be noted here that a dog is a very important companion for a shepherd: he warns him of all annoying dangers and protects the sheep from wolves and thieves. It should also be noted that at the time, with a shilling, you could buy half a herd.

… The shepherd accepted the deal, he grabbed his dog and shot him at the feet of the general … General Maude told the shepherd; “I’ll give you an extra shilling to skin the dog!” The shepherd took the shilling and skinned the dog.

Then the general offered the third shilling to cut the dog into pieces, the shepherd took the shilling and cut the dog, now the shepherd told the general, for a fourth shilling he would eat the dog, to which the General replied: “I wanted to know more about your values ​​in this country, and I found out that you have slaughtered, skinned and chopped up your most trusted and loyal friend and companion for three shillings!” You were even ready to eat it for another shilling … that’s all I needed to know about the values ​​of men in your country! “.

Then he addressed his soldiers and said, “As long as this kind of mentality prevails in this country, you can buy anyone, fear nothing and no one! From that time to the present day in this part of the world, officials have sold their country, their people, their friends, their honour and their principles for a house in Europe and a bank account in Switzerland, are you different of this shepherd?

Are our shepherds in this continent different from those in Baghdad, Iraq and other corrupt and selfish parts of the world, let’s change the face of our leadership and all will be well. These shepherds are in Kinshasa, Pretoria, Accra, and Abuja or in many other places in Africa, they manipulate the masses with slogan of change only for their own benefit.

Now it is time to replace them with a true revolutionary continental party (ACUP), in which we have found a new light of great future and success. Please join the ACUP not for material gain, but only for system change.


#let’s rebuild Africa, by supporting and sharing.

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  1. The oppressor would not be so successful if they did not have allies among us. This is exactly the problem, a bank account in the Swiss Alps and a house in Europe.

  2. Ilove Africa and am an African Panafricanist who is willing to join voices of the voiceless to have a better originality of our course as Africans

    • Democracy as espoused by American, UK and Europe is a weapon of both mind and economy destruction. Ideas never reach fruition because the dictates of this foreign governance derail any development by constantly keeping us in contest with each other. So in my humble view, an African system of governance that fosters our cultural values of respect, integrity and discipline must replace this current foreign one.

  3. All the great black leaders of the past shared one thing in common and that education is the only tool that can lift Africans from poverty. What the shepherd did was sheer ignorance and too much of that exist in the black race. When God created this world enough was created for every human being to live happily all the days of their lives so we should never be cruel to any animal or our brothers. No matter what price it is we must always value our brothers and sisters and loving animals above money. One Love.

  4. Do we develop Africa on words without action? Education is the pathway to our Sustainability. So much knowledge and skills gap need to be filled to fix Africa. knowledge knows no boundaries nor race. It’s the bridge to sieve evil from good. Knowledge is not classroom dictate but a deliberate plan of action by like-minded Africans to steer the wheel of progress in the right path.

  5. It is a high calling to call action and less talk for the benefit of our continent .
    I am happy to know this Continental Party.

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