The African man


An African man was given the opportunity to ask for anything he wants. The condition was that, whatever he gets, his brother would receive double. He thought about asking for a house; but he did not like the thought of his brother having two houses. So he thought about asking for a million dollars to go to his bank account; but again, he was unhappy with the thought of his brother having two million dollars in his account.

The man sat down and thought hard, “What can I have and still be better than my brother when he has double?” so, he thought of having one of his eyes removed so that his brother might have his two eyes gouged.

This sounds like a very unlikely story; however, this is the typical mentality that has set Africans backward for ages and caused witchcraft to thrive in Africa. An African wants to be better than his brother at all costs. The African man is only careful:

To share his beer, not his books;

To spread his diseases, and not the cure;

To transfer his problems, and not the solution

When an African man fails, he wishes his brother the same fate so that he won’t be the only one who had tasted the bitterness of failure. An African man is happy when evil besets his brother. When most African men succeed, they want to enslave their brothers; they try to make the class gap between them and their brothers widen daily.

An African man wants to outperform his brother in every area and most African men do not want to let their brothers have any chances of success because they want to be the only ones succeeding. When an African man gets to sit on a seat of authority, he wants to keep it to himself and refuse to give anyone else a chance to sit. In African schools, students who can afford textbooks do not let other students borrow their textbooks because they want to stay top of the class or they don’t want to give another student the opportunity to perform better than them. When one independently discovers the way to success, an African man who refused to give directions would still do all he can to stand in the way of that success.

An African man is ready to spend money to intimidate his brother and make him look like nothing, rather than spending that money to empower others. Africa will become better; when we begin to share books to pass knowledge, not just our drinks. When we begin to let others also lead without our influence. When we begin to give the same quality of food and clothing to both our children and our maids. When we let our servants eat on the same table with us. When the boss lets his lower staff get paid before him.

Africa can become progressive when we begin to look out for each other rather than stand in the way of another. When we can sincerely say, “let my brother get it too, and if I can’t get it, let me help him get it.

In conclusion, all of these good qualities we can adopt can be resumed in one word-UBUNTU, which is an African philosophy that says “I am because you are , and you are because I am”.



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  1. I have enjoyed the purpose of ACUP.
    The first part we must deal with is unification of the the AFRICAN people. We should start at birth.

    We see the west eliminate our peoole one by one.

    The next to be eliminated is you and me.

  2. Africa has cried alot and have suffered alot. The time is now for Africa to shine. We need African unification now, one currency now, one army now, one passport now. And swahili should taught in every African country now cause it will be our national language. Ubuntu will be our religion

  3. I love the idea of forming ACUP. Above it all we should aim in making africa one state under one leader and one currency. This will enable us to beat down the challenges and hardships we face as Africans. All we need is Love, Peace, Discipline, Respect and Unity. I am a young generation from Kenya and I fully support ACUP. Thank you.

    • I love the idea of having African interest at heart and I’ve been solidly voicing this out to a whole lot of ignorant people and sometimes to people with less hope that we can ever reach a point of liberation, though I believe it will take great determination and less interest of finance since it would raise red flag to most people,… And I’d also like to know how is this whole thing pushed forward? How convenient is the way of engagement? Cause somehow we will need to have a more appealing space to hold conversations..

      • Indeed we need a platform to constantly have engagements, which is why I would suggest an app developed by a African man in the region of Azania.

  4. The movement is very interesting and recommendable so I give my full support to the fight for Africa liberation from Nigeria

    • If the owner of natural resources go around begging then you should know there is something wrong with their minds.
      Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana said”if we do not approach the problems in Africa with a common front and a common purpose, we shall be hanging and wrangling among ourselves until we are colonized again and become the toll of a far greater colonialism then we surffered hitherto”
      (Bawa )Tarkwa Prestea, Ghana

  5. It comes right back to love and respect which can only be achieved through oneness with the creator. Lets go back to Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac. What do they have in common? They all worshipped the same God. Today we find ourselves divided and hating each other because of religion most of the time. This shouldn’t be because we are all one big family with the same skin color and according to the racism that is practiced in the world today we should look into the mirror and have one focus. We should always be willing to lend a helping to our black brothers and never let him or her believe that they are alone in the struggle. One Love.

  6. For better Africa, we have to unify the African countries into one nation and one people.
    To strengthen our economy, let’s encourage our currency

  7. Very true. As Eritrean we have experienced it by the very people we considered our brothers. Yes our brothers in the northern part of Ethiopia (TIGRAY) have waged war against us, looted our hard earned billions of dollars, they expelled us from Ethiopia just because the colors of our eyes were not pleasant to them. They vowed to eradicate us from the face of the earth the list and atrocities are endless but the point is yes we are the very enemies of ourselves. Let’s stop this so our children and grandchildren will have peace and prosperity. African prevails!!!

  8. Economic integration will lead to the next level of unity. I strongly believe that if our leaders work out for economic integration first, political unity will eventually take its natural course. It is through unfair world economic order or system that the African nations are kept poor and have been made subject to the exploitation of the Western world, This can be changed if the current African leaders stand together in unison and commit themselves to the new Pan-African movement.

  9. I really appreciate this kind of discours about Africa, and I make you that me too I will be contributing in Africa development, Insha Allah

    • Its an honour to be presented with this opportunity to be part of this movement to re-discover Africa’s unity to her greatness again. Africa must support the Biafran independence in the course of this self determination for entire Africa to enable for a seamless growth and development which the Biafrans will in no small measure drive through their ingenuity in commerce and technology unhindered as it is the reality that they are being limited and clogged as a people in Nigeria. UBUNTU!!!

  10. It is here that Africa will regain our superiority! It starts with you and I. Let’s come together as one, plan and consider to feel for one another. We have dark skins but, with bright and smiley hearts. We are a powerful race!

    I commit my full support towards the cause. I’m Tsebeni Ivan from Uganda.

  11. I give myfelf to this course of freedom, and if the need arise I won’t hold back my life, my generation must be free, the destiny of the African race must be fulfilled.

  12. I am taking this initiative to become my brother’s keeper. When he has a double portion he will distribute double effort.

  13. But most of all, if we have not deleted the idea that we can be equals or better than those who whom we ‘believe’ are better and superior to us, we won’t achieve our target of uniting Africa.
    We must first look at ourselves for our solutions to the the problems we have inherited from our elders who incoured them just because of greed. The American people were slaves to the British but after uniting together, they fought and are now the world’s super power. The Chinese, Indians among others, the question is “WHY MUSTN’T WE?

  14. An african man has a lot of means for demoding his african fellow,but later after all he turned into barking dog when his brother or sister survived the storm of dismay. I am not living for myself but for you and you for ! Please keep up the flame my dear ones. May God bless A.C.U.P!

  15. We need ONE AFRICA, THE UNITED NATIONS OF AFRICA. We also must welcome and embrace AFRICANS that have been scattered around the world through the cruel reality of slavery. If Africa resources should be shared it should be placed in the best places and that should be in the hands of blacks that lives in thriving economies like the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Blacks in America can sell Africa natural resources for high dollar and in return send more money back to Africa for the resources and build up and strengthen Africa and her e economy while at the sametime building up Africas son’s and daughters that desperately needs the mother land helping hands to thrive. This would be our own way of establishing our international trading. We will keep Africas resources in the black hand. This truly call controlling the black dollar.

  16. Truly we Africans must refrain from being stumbling blocks in front of the other .
    Let’s begin to see value in the other and in the things we do .

  17. African big man always wants his own and no one else ie I, me,and myself syndrome until we think of our neighbor more than ourselves we shall remain where we simply because to is tomorrow may be someone else let’s be careful how we treat others for future is unknown

  18. Nice and educative story keep on educating Africans to with themselves good that wishing evil where by you hate your brother you run to the very enemy of the continent to seek for refugee

  19. Young Africans from different countries this is our only way of getting united we speak one language though different colors ,races etc here I mean having same Ideology, ambitions,goal ,agenda to make our Africa independent .

  20. My fellow African brothers and sisters of ACUP! Thank you for the wake up call!

    The time is now for the African Renassaince. No one will do it for ourselves besides ourselves. I totally agree with the idea of one language(Swahilli), one currency(the Afro), one army, one continental government, one continental economy(trade among African nations should be one of the top priorities), the erradication of western imposed borders that only continue to divide us(just check the South African xenophobia case study it’s ridiculous and embarassing), and also abolish all visas. We as African Youth need to come up with a clear biased free in all scopes”African Manifesto”. And my proposal could be the mandatory learning of Swahilli. You see, we have many Africas inside the same Africa(Anglophone, Francophone, Lusophone etc.) and until this is erradicated we will never understand each other and be totally free. As we all know language is identity and culture etc. We shouldn’t identify first with western culture and then adapt it to Africa. NO! It should be the other way around, in a sense that, my Malian mid(or whatever)-class brother shouldn’t feel frenchmen inclined first in their cognitive operations of daily decision making and then Malian, and the same goes for Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Cameron etc.

    A.C.U.P. is long waited more & than welcome.

    Greetings from Mozambique

    Mansa Mussa IV.

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