What is the value of our shepherds?

To educate the African child of tomorrow, it is often necessary to teach him/her the value of other peoples.

A British lieutenant general, Sir Fredrick Stanley Maude, was commissioned to conquer Baghdad in 1917. On his arrival in Iraq, he encountered a shepherd and his flock in a field, he asked his translator to offer a shilling to the shepherd and ask him to kill his dog…

It should be noted here that a dog is a very important companion for a shepherd: he warns him of all annoying dangers and protects the sheep from wolves and thieves. It should also be noted that at the time, with a shilling, you could buy half a herd.

… The shepherd accepted the deal, he grabbed his dog and shot him at the feet of the general … General Maude told the shepherd; “I’ll give you an extra shilling to skin the dog!” The shepherd took the shilling and skinned the dog.

Then the general offered the third shilling to cut the dog into pieces, the shepherd took the shilling and cut the dog, now the shepherd told the general, for a fourth shilling he would eat the dog, to which the General replied: “I wanted to know more about your values ​​in this country, and I found out that you have slaughtered, skinned and chopped up your most trusted and loyal friend and companion for three shillings!” You were even ready to eat it for another shilling … that’s all I needed to know about the values ​​of men in your country! “.

Then he addressed his soldiers and said, “As long as this kind of mentality prevails in this country, you can buy anyone, fear nothing and no one! From that time to the present day in this part of the world, officials have sold their country, their people, their friends, their honour and their principles for a house in Europe and a bank account in Switzerland, are you different of this shepherd?

Are our shepherds in this continent different from those in Baghdad, Iraq and other corrupt and selfish parts of the world, let’s change the face of our leadership and all will be well. These shepherds are in Kinshasa, Pretoria, Accra, and Abuja or in many other places in Africa, they manipulate the masses with slogan of change only for their own benefit.

Now it is time to replace them with a true revolutionary continental party (ACUP), in which we have found a new light of great future and success. Please join the ACUP not for material gain, but only for system change.


#let’s rebuild Africa, by supporting and sharing.

Africa must grow again

Nature and knowledge.

One day an elderly man in Africa was chatting with a young man, he (the elder) asked him, what do you see? I see the houses, the birds and people, answered the young man. The elder insistently asked him again, what do you see young man? The young man replied I see the sun, the light and the trees. The elder asked him, where did they come from? They were created by God, said the young man, and the elder asked him again, how did he created them? The young man said, with his word. Then, the elder asked him again, so what do you see when you look at the nature? The young man replied, I see the word of God.
Therefore, said the elder, the number one lesson in life is, if you want to learn about the word of God you must be in touch with the nature because the nature is the true and unspoiled expression of the thought, word and actions of God. People always change, civilizations emerge grow and disappear, but natural laws that govern the universe and life remain the same since their foundation.
After that, the elderly man took the young man into the forest and asked him, look around you and tell me what you see. The young man after observation he replied, I notice that all the trees are growing upward from the ground. Excellent, replied the old man, lesson number two is, you must grow. Everything grows upward, there is not one tree in the forest that grows toward another tree, and they are all growing, each one in his kind toward the sky. As African people, we have to grow no matter what has happened to us, and our growth should not be a move toward other people, or to become like other people, but we must grow toward the standard of our own values of Ubuntu. Essentially, we have been trying by all means to ‘develop’ and become like the people who enslaved us, and in that process we have become not like them, but we have turned ourselves into little British, little French and little Portuguese. The ancestor John Henrik Clarke once said, whenever a people begin to think that their best way to live is to become like other people, they are making themselves prisoners of people they want to imitate. Whether there is a jail or not, that is not important, because the psychological jail of your mind to depend on others is the cruelest jail ever invented.
Actually, the reason why Africans always want to belong to other people’s institutions and identify themselves with others, is not because of the lack of resources, skills or capabilities, but it is indeed because of two fundamental reasons, one is Africans are afraid to go alone, and second is Africans are disorganized. Mostly, we feel like going alone will be destructive thing to do, and yet it is only being alone that people can manage to discover themselves and challenge themselves and grow as people in charge of their own destiny. In fact, there is not one nation in this world that has emerged through multilateral assistance without their own strong internal locus of control. If life began in Africa, and the Africa is the one who gave civilization and science to the world, it means that we emerged alone, in fact, we lived in palaces before Europeans walked out of their holes, wore shoes and lived in house that had a window.
Also, we prefer to belong to others and to be accompanied by others because African by themselves are the only disorganized and disunited group of people on the earth. Truly speaking, other people have also internal conflicts that can even lead to divisions and wars among themselves. However, when it comes to strategic goals that guarantee the survival of those people, they quickly put their differences aside and come together and work or fight. For example, all the European nations who united in Berlin conference (1884-1885) to divide and exploit Africa were not friends, they had conflicts among themselves, but for the sake of their survival they came together and what they did has been successful for all of them until this day. Africans, we must define our own vision of the world we want, and organize ourselves to achieve it, especially in this time period, our survival and that of our children is in line, we must act collectively or the world will collectively act upon us.
Finally, the elderly man gave another lesson to the young man. He told him, you see that every tree in the forest produces fruits not for itself, but for other people to use them, this is another law of life. Every human being has two major responsibilities to fulfil on daily basis, and those are, learning and teaching. If you think about our lives every day, that is exactly what we are supposed to do, if we cannot do both we must at least do one, we must learn and eager to transfer our knowledge to those following us. In a way, the reason why African states are failing is because many people do not live with a question of what they will live for future generations, they do not care and they wish the world could end with them. This is irresponsible egoistic mindset that many African leaders have, it must all be about themselves or nobody else, and that is the reason why many do not want to leave power even when they have reached the end of their presidential terms.
In conclusion, natural laws are valid and true to all people at all time, and nature is our source of inspirations and knowledge. Our ancestors many years before were able to observe the nature and learn about the stars, about the land and societal organization, today we have more than what they had, but we also have many challenges. However, we have the privilege to say that all our challenges have been well articulated in the vision and the structure of ACUP, we believe that our vision and strategies are compatible within the time and challenges we are confronted with as human family generally, and as Africans in particular. It is time for Africans to unite and rebuild or disunite and perish.
Join the African Continental Unity Party (ACUP) today, and let us rebuild the mother land.



Africa is in deep crises, since the independence period the African states have been struggling with various crises leading to social and economic instability. Despite all the effort and methods developed so far to alleviate the level of suffering, the situation seems to be out of control of Africans themselves. If the question is why? The answer is simply because Africans have not yet tried the African solution.

First of all, we have been trying different solutions according to our tribes, languages, nationalities and territories, based on our microscopic contextualisation of the predicament of Africa. Sometimes, our individual solutions were based on the selfish idea of seeing ourselves developing better than other African countries, but the reality of our people at grassroots level remains alarming. The reason is, there is no Nigerian solution, or Ghanaian, South African, Congolese solution, but there is only the African solution.

Essentially, if we are still looking for individual solutions based on our individual countries it is because we have not yet properly analysed the root of our various problems. Also, because we have been indoctrinated to fall in love with the drawing on the African map that have created the concepts of us versus them in our minds.

In reality, the territorial limitations we have today is the creation, not of Africans but of Europeans imperialist in Berlin conference 1884-1885. The outcome of that conference in which not a single African attended was the new face of Africa that we have embraced, which has created many divisions amongst us.

In fact, the Europeans divided Africa for two reasons, one was to dominate and another was to exploit. Firstly, you cannot rule a people that is united until you create division and set one part against another, so that you can come as the one who brings peace and development. Secondly, when you have succeeded with your agenda to dominate a people, you will easily exploit them and their resources, and that has been the result of our countries they are only serving European interest.

Clearly, if our countries or borders that we are protecting and defending were created only for European interest, it means that every time we defend these borders we are actually serving the European’s interest. Every problem in life is solved through the process of questions and answer, the first question to Africans regarding our borders is, what did we produce so far of great impact within our individual countries, divisions and borders? The answer is, not more than tribalism, afrophobia and conflicts.

Therefore, it is time for us to look for the African solution instead of individual solutions that have not impact on our predicament, but only serve the interest of Europeans. The African solution will have more impact on our challenges, because it will start by addressing the core of our difficulties. Africa is at the time of danger and opportunity, our survival as a people depends on decision that we make today about the direction in which we take ourselves. One thing we shall never do is to pass on to our children the same European heritage of division and exclusion amongst ourselves.

Take part to this great movement (ACUP) and let us build our common destiny.