Accross various nations in Africa



The world’s history is written with blood, it is a history of defeats and victories. Whenever a people found themselves defeated, they had but one option: to rise and regain their freedom by all means. However, the African history is not just a history about people who want to rise again for freedom, it is a history about people who struggle first for their return to the state of human being. That is the result of more than 400 years of dehumanization, alienation, slavery, denial of self-identification and self-knowledge that Africans went through.

Africa has always been and still is a land potentially rich in water, oxygen, forests, oil, and other precious minerals essential for sustainable development of the human society. Despite all the richness of Africa many young Africans hardly find pleasure in living in Africa, simply because of joblessness, poverty, hunger, insecurity, and political crisis that impede any progress.

As a result, many young Africans have dreams located overseas where they hope to find a future for themselves, which mostly turns into nightmares, and for those who are willing to stay in Africa, many find themselves living in exile on their own land. In the end, whatever happens to Africa...

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