The ACUP is a unique African Political Party that many Africans identify themselves with, and in which Africans worldwide find the hope to meet our common aspirations of freedom, prosperity and dignity. What makes the ACUP unique is the fact that we do not fit into the standard of traditional political parties funded and controlled by the system. Our party is funded and controlled by Africans who identify themselves with it. In reality, this is the Africans’ party. This party is inspired by the same philosophy of Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara and many others whose dedication to the cause of our liberation continues to light our minds today. The choice of ACUP is not a choice for a particular leader, but it is a choice of the common ideology, ambition and the vision upon which we are building the new world for us and our children. In other words, with ACUP there is no leader and follower, everyone who joins the party receives the skills to become a potential leader. Essentially, everything Africa needs for its development is already here, and the people that Africa needs for its new direction is just you.


Our vision is, "To establish an African global power-base, through a continental government built on a new leadership inspired by our common interest." A leadership built on the idea of Pan-Africanism, trained for, and by Africans, and subsidized by Africans.

This Pan-African vision of continental governance system is inspired by historical events that have shaped the face of our continent. In fact, the current African geography and its internal institutions were created by Europeans who had no other vision except, to conquer and exploit African resources. Consequently, the African vision should not be built on the foundation of the European vision, it should be aiming to establish a new foundation on which the future will be based, and that is our aim.

Especially, after a half century of the so-called African independence we have tried to protect and defend the foundation established by the oppressors for our destruction, and the result is, we have turned ourselves into tools of self-destruction. However, it is never too late to do things right, it is never too late to lay a new foundation of unity, Ubuntu and prosperity. Finally, it is never too late to be in charge again. 



Based on our vision of setting a global power-base which is also our supreme guide. We have as a primary mission, "To create new leaders through our school of future African leaders in politics and in business, we also aim to put new faces and ideas in leadership positions in countries around the continent."

Firstly, we believe that development is an inside-out process, rather than outside-in process, therefore, a society cannot be called developed on the basis of infrastructure only, if its people are not fully developed. Consequently, we focus on the mind transformation of our people. As people become aware of themselves and their reality worldwide, being mentally developed, they will be able to reflect their mental development onto their environment.

Secondly, we are aware that the world including Africa is at the time of danger and opportunity, our chance to survive depends on what type of leadership we put in charge and in which direction it is taking us. For that reason, we have an academy called ‘The Free-Minded’, a new school for future African leaders in politics and business. Through this education system, we will create political and business leaders who are fit for the future of Africa.

Also, we are working in collaboration with all Africans around the world to design an agenda that takes into account all aspects of our respective communities and countries. In fact, we are not just creating leaders, we want to put them in positions of power in our respective communities and countries in order to fulfill our common vision.

Finally, we are aiming to work and strengthen our common position in order to create a continental agenda in all areas of activities for the future African generations and their leaderships.

Above all, our mission is to working with you.