Join us! Renounce the Eurocentric view of Africa and participate in shaping a new Afrocentric Africa!


Joining the ACUP does not simply mean you acknowledge that Africa is at war, but also means that you have joined your voice to that of other millions of people who have already joined the party. There are many advantages in joining the party:

1. Pan Africanism

First of all, in joining the party you become officially a Pan-Africanist, meaning, you have renounced the Eurocentric definition of Africa and you have accepted to go back to your originality.

2. Education

Secondly, as a member of ACUP you will have access to our educational program for the new future African leadership in politics and business, through our academy The Free-Minded.

3. Party Representation

Finally, with this education program you will be eligible and fit to represent the party in your respective country and take a leadership position.


NB: please pay your yearly membership fees $2