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African Continental Unity Party (ACUP)

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One Africa One Voice

African Continental Unity Party (ACUP)

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African Emerging Force

: by people’s initiative

African Continental Unity Party (ACUP)

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One Africa One Voice!

Welcome to the Official Website of the African Continental Unity Party (ACUP)

The First Pan-African Political Party Transcending Boundaries

The history of Africa has always been written by people who are not even African; we must take ownership of our problems and solutions and write our own story. Africa needs to regain its economy, its politics, its culture, its languages and all its patriots.

We must unite now! United, we will forge a political union oriented towards the defence of the entire continent, common goals in foreign affairs and diplomacy, as well as a common citizenship, an African currency, a monetary zone and a central bank. We must unite to achieve the total liberation of our continent now.

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Our Vision &
Mission Statement.

The African Continental Unity Party (ACUP) is a global movement whose vision is to rebuild Africa as a global powerbase in this 21st century.

ACUP's mission is to transform the movement into a political party in every African country and to train a new generation of leaders who will lead Africa towards its total liberation and reconstruction. The new leaders we are training through our educational institution (Free-Minded Pan-African Academy) will be able to eradicate corruption and defend the interests of ordinary Africans.

Our Pan-African ideology will ensure that our vast resources are used to build Africa with you, creating employment opportunities for young people across Africa. ACUP will work with you to ensure that basic needs such as good education, good nutrition, health and safety of all Africans are met.

ACUP stands for:

  • African Liberation
  • African reconstruction
  • African unmatched prosperity through good leadership.

Africa has built for others, now we build for ourselves.


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The enlightened ones never stop forging themselves.

Our Blog

28 Nov, 2020

Africa must grow again

Nature and knowledge. One day an elderly man in Africa was chatting with a young man, he (the elder) asked him, what do you see? I see the houses, the birds and people, answered the young man. The elder insistently asked him again, what do you see young man? The young man replied I see […]

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7 March, 2021

The African Man

THE PROBLEM WITH AFRICA An African man was given the opportunity to ask for anything he wants. The condition was that, whatever he gets, his brother would receive double. He thought about asking for a house; but he did not like the thought of his brother having two houses. So he thought about asking for […]

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9 Feb, 2021

What is the value of our shepherds?

To educate the African child of tomorrow, it is often necessary to teach him/her the value of other peoples. A British lieutenant general, Sir Fredrick Stanley Maude, was commissioned to conquer Baghdad in 1917. On his arrival in Iraq, he encountered a shepherd and his flock in a field, he asked his translator to offer […]

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We can achieve all these together.