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The African Continental Unity Party is a global Pan-African movement, which eventually transforms into a political party in each African country where it is established. Thus, all members (active and non-active) of the ACUP are expected to study this document in conjunction with the culture and laws of the community or state where they are based.

The ACUP is founded with a primary vision of rebuilding Africa as a global powerbase, and this vision is to be carried out by Africans with integrity, of strong character who are disciplined, and demonstrate the necessary commitment for success in life, and in this task in particular.

The aim of the Code of conduct contained in this document is to help us, as ACUP members to sharpen our characters, shape our personalities and to develop the distinctive characteristics that help us to succeed in our personal lives and to better serve our communities and the African agenda. Above all, this document, if understood and embraced, can help us all become an engine for African liberation and reconstruction.

Below is the code of conduct to be observed by all ACUP Members.

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