Accross various nations in Africa

Jan 2024



The African Continental Unity Party was founded and presented by the league team for the first time on the 21 of November 2020, on virtual platform.

The primary objective of African Continental Unity Party (ACUP) is to produce a new class of African leadership in business and politics. The second objective is then to organize the skills and energy of the new leadership to create the African global powerbase, which is the essence of life, and no life is independent, meaningful or impactful without the power.

The purpose of this organization is to unite African potential around the struggle for the liberation of African mind, identity and dignity. The most ultimate vision we are carrying is to build the African Global Powerbase, through a new leadership with a new system, by regaining control of our political institutions through general elections. Furthermore, our activities will be based at raising an awareness, cultivating the African minds and promoting the African values system.

In the struggle for freedom, justice and self-determination for the African people, this political party (ACUP) is created.

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